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Feb 24, 2024 - Aug 10, 2024

Web Development - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • 169Days
  • 2Steps


The BATF Web Development coding program is designed with all levels of experience in mind. We have sections for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The program is open to students 6th Grade through 12th Grade. Beginner -------------- Beginner is designed for students that are new to web development or have minimal exposure (HTML, CSS). Students will build a static site to showcase their learnings. Intermediate -------------------- Intermediate is designed for students that have experience with web development and limited to no exposure to Javascript. Students will build a dynamic site to showcase their learnings, inclusive of Javascript and Database connectivity. Advanced --------------- Advanced is designed for students that are looking for a complex challenge. These students will leverage all aspects of web development to produce various interactive dynamic web applications. Additionally, these students will have an opportunity to compete for scholarship dollars at the National level for the High School Coding Competition. This program will expose students to foundational principles and usage of technologies such as Bootstrap, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Python, MySQL, SQL, and API.

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