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BDPA Atlanta Technology Foundation

Dedicated to Learning and Diversifying the STEM Pipeline

BDPA Atlanta Technology Foundation (BATF) was developed as an extension of the BDPA Atlanta organization and has blossomed into a powerhouse for STEM education. BATF believes digital literacy is a key factor in the future success of our children. BATF is an organization focused on providing computer science and digital education to underrepresented communities.

The work of BATF is designed to activate the next generation of digitally literate professionals, creating a diverse pipeline of workforce-ready technologists.


To provide youth, targeting underrepresented youth, with computer science and digital skills necessary to succeed in a digital economy.


A world where there is equity in access to technical resources, reducing the digital divide.


Our commitment to our mission is rooted in a few simple facts.

  • Careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, commonly referred to as STEM occupations, will grow by over 95,000 new jobs in Georgia from 2018 to 2028.

  • Georgia’s STEM economy is booming, but the pipeline for qualified employees will run dry unless state leaders act quickly to address the needs of employers who are already struggling to fill good-paying jobs in careers offering pathways to fulfilling middle-class livelihoods.

  • “Our tech sector in Georgia is roaring with a -3% unemployment rate, which means good jobs are vacant and we expect countless others in science, technology, engineering, and math-related fields will likewise go unfilled in the years ahead unless we move now to understand the future needs of employers and take steps to fill the pipeline with talented Georgians who possess the skills necessary to be successful in STEM occupations,” says Amy Sharma, PhD, vice president of Science for Georgia.

  • “To ensure that Georgia’s citizens can meet the demands of the science and technology economy, it is critical that we develop an educated and well-trained STEM-ready workforce, and maintain a pipeline of students learning employment-ready skills.”

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